Annia Ferrer
19yB Food Marker
Annia Ferrer
Obispo craft fair
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From $17.00 USD per PAX, based on six people taking the tour.
Tour price 1-3 PAX: $87.00 USD.
Tour price 4-6 PAX: $102.00 USD.


  • Pick up in the morning
  • Annia's Workshop (Playa)
  • 19 y 42 Food Market (Playa)
  • ROX 950 Store (Playa)
  • Obispo´s Art Craft Fair (Habana Vieja)
  • Clandestina Store (Habana Vieja)
General Description

In the morning we will pick you up in those amazing Old American Cars (vintage cars) and lead you to a young and talented female designer's workshop with years in the fashion industry. Although a budding biologist, she is here to stay with her special techniques of adapting tradition with refreshing ideas. After that we´re going to go to 19 y 42 Market. It is in a very calm and beautiful part of Havana, actually, in Playa, and usually, it has a little bit of everything: Cuban and tropical fruits, of course, but also, not that common in here, like grapes, or apples; but also a lot of vegetables, of the season, or not.

Then we´re going to take ROX 950 Store, in this store/workshop magic happens from scratch as the fine artisan prepares stones and material and with skilled hands creates masterpieces. On close inspection you will see this mastery.

At Obispo´s Fair you will see the highest level of Cuban crafts display in rows of tables and friendly kiosks. A short walk around the neighborhood reveals narrow streets full of life like a museum come alive. Many types of crafts are available from carvings and knick knacks to painted cigar boxes and key chains. For the end we will take you to Clandestina, one of our major design store, very famous, and actually very good. This is the ideal store to carry something that reminds you of Cuba and, at the same time, is something original and high quality: a pullover with some original poster, a print, or the very experience of being at Clandestine and feel part of this project.