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From $37.75 USD per PAX, based on six people taking the tour.
Tour price 1-3 PAX: $196.50 USD.
Tour price 4-6 PAX: $226.50 USD.


  • Pick up in the morning
  • 1ra y B Art Craft Fair (Vedado)
  • La Rampa Art Craft Fair (Vedado)


  • Obispo Art Craft Fair (Habana Vieja)
  • Almacenes de San José Art Craft Fair (Habana Vieja)
General Description

Color and variety are thematic on this tour of Havana's living museum, giving you the opportunity of learning and capture the essence of cubania. One of our most attractive and enjoyable offerings, the art craft tour takes you along fascinating narrow streets with large offerings. You can buy the best hand made high quality work at much less than the cost of commercial copies.

In the morning we will pick you up in those amazing Old American Cars (vintage cars) and lead you to 1ra y B art craft fair, this one in particular is specialized in shoes and bags; in front of the beautiful Malecón you will be able to buy hand made shoes that will last forever, or maybe until you return to Havana. 23 y M (23 and M) will be our next stop in the tour; this fair is one the most eclectic and crowed fair, in this one you will be to buy what ever cross your mind, since some nice linen dress, or guayabera mayebe to a wood statue.

For a break we´re going for lunch in some amazing Cuban paladar, where we it would be great food, great service, and 100% Cuban flavor.

The second part of the day will be at Habana Vieja (Old Havana), the other two fairs are there, and so we will lead you trough one the most incredible streets, full of history and art. At Obispo´s Fair you will see the highest level of Cuban crafts display in rows of tables and friendly kiosks. A short walk around the neighborhood reveals narrow streets full of life like a museum come alive. Many types of crafts are available from carvings and knick knacks to painted cigar boxes and key chains. Color, diversity and excellent quality. And last but not least the biggest Fair in Havana: Almacenes de San José. Formerly a lumber warehouse, the San Jose Art Market is the largest art fair in Cuba. Hundreds of skilled artists and artisans exhibit commercial art on a grand scale. The Cuban artists, many speaking English, French, Italian and other languages are very approachable and always prepared to explain their techniques and the meaning of their art or just to talk about things in general. This is a unique experience giving you close-up contact with Cubans in all their idiosyncrasies, charm and laughter.

A one-day tour takes you to four major Havana craft fairs. We show you the best Havana has to offer and give you a tour of this trendy city. Get to know Cubans one-to-one and find that special something along the way. Learn Cuban culture in a fun and easy way.