Mayelin Guevara
Yasniel Valdés
Rox 950
Cuervos y Sobrinos
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From $17.00 USD per PAX, based on six people taking the tour.
Tour price 1-3 PAX: $87.00 USD.
Tour price 4-6 PAX: $102.00 USD.


  • Mayelín Guevara´s Workshop (Playa)
  • Yasniel Valdés´s Workshop (Playa)
  • ROX 950 Store (Playa)
  • Cuevos y Sobrinos Store (Habana Vieja)
General Description

An exciting half day in the company of award winning Cuban Jewelry artisans. Meet them person to person and see them at work. You will meet: Mayelín Guevera, Roxana Vargas and Yasniel Valdés. All accomplished Cuban jewelry artisans of the highest level. Learn their techniques and visit their exquisite and beautiful worlds.

After we pick you up, we will take you to Mayelín Guevara´s workshop, bound to be a high point in your visit. This young silver and goldsmith is of the top of her league and yet like her product adorned by simple. Then we´re gonna go to Yasniel Valdés´s place of work. In his own apartment (incredible beautiful and vintage) he has a small and cozy workshop, full of sketches, and pieces, and instruments. ROX 950 will be the next stop, in this store/workshop magic happens from scratch as the fine artisan prepares stones and material and with skilled hands creates masterpieces. On close inspection you will see this mastery. The day will end visiting Cuervos y sobrinos, the store of the most ancient Cuban brand. In this store you will be able to buy the watch of your dreams.