Fruta Bomba
Fruta Bomba
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From $17.00 USD per PAX, based on six people taking the tour.
Tour price 1-3 PAX: $87.00 USD.
Tour price 4-6 PAX: $102.00 USD.


  • Pick up in the morning
  • 19 y 42 Food Market (Playa)
  • 19 y B Food Market (Vedado)
  • Tulipán Food Market (Nuevo Vedado)
  • Egido Food Market (Habana Vieja)
General Description

If you´re a food lover; if you enjoy to cook more than anything; if you´re planning to stay for a while in Havana, or if you´re an adventure hunter, this tour is made for you. Is no secret that find some ingredients in Cuba could be tricky some times, that´s why we´re offering a tour that will take to the right places so you can buy the right ingredients, to cook the right meal.

Cuban food is so much more than rice and beans, is more than fried pork, if you choose to come in this adventure, we will prove that to you, by helping you, not only to buy “a lo cubano” so you can cook “a lo cubano”. We offer a full experience of buying what you need to make specials Cubans recipes.

We have years of experience in the art of looking for the right places, and we´re so excited to share this acquire wisdom with all of you. Every day will be unique, there´s no certain in our travels, but the options are in our favor. Let us lead you, lead us help you to shop, to cook, to eat.