Cris Cris
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From $37.75 USD per PAX, based on six people taking the tour.
Tour price 1-3 PAX: $196.50 USD.
Tour price 4-6 PAX: $226.50 USD.


  • Pick up in the morning
  • Cositass Store (Playa)
  • Conga Store (Playa)
  • Alma Store (Playa)
  • Estaciones Bazaar (Playa)


  • Piscolabis Bazaar (Habana Vieja)
  • Cris Cris Store (Habana Vieja)
  • Clandestinas Store (Habana Vieja)
General Description

Several shops have determined to bet on excellence and good taste, on Cuban design, and on young Cuban design. There are several shops and businesses who notice that the contemporary world seems ever more gray, and had a presentiment that the modern citizen always appreciates a touch of color and originality in their life.

This tour wants to allow the customer to see with their own eyes it best of the Cuban design, and will take the attendants to know this that is has watered as gunpowder by the Havana, and that are the new design stores. To meet the owners, who talked about their projects, their objectives with the store, with his work is another offer proposed by this tour, in a very real and enriching people to people experience.

In the morning we will pick you up in those amazing Old American Cars (vintage cars) and lead you to the first stop in this tour: Cositass. In this store you will be able to find thousands of magical things, that you will die to take home with you. Since lamps, boxes, adornments, to amazing chests. Very near is another store we want to take you, Conga: a design store that has decided to bet on excellence and good taste; a store that has decided to nurture young Cuban designers. Alma is the beautiful name of a beautiful design store: Alma (Soul) was born as a new design shop for gifts, a strategy to escape from stereotyped souvenirs. Alma is a small business led by Alexandra, a young visionary with a great sense of good taste and true art who has learnt how to select artisans and artists from all of Cuba so they can show and sell their art. To finish the first part of the day we want to show you Estaciones Bazaar a very cute place that´s run by two young women designers and that will surely blow your mind.

For a break we´re going to go for lunch at an amazing Cuban paladar. Great food, great service, and 100% Cuban flavor.

The day will end at Habana Vieja, visiting 3 amazing shops there: Piscolabis, Cris-Cris and Clandestina. Piscolabis is one the recommendation that Lonely Planet made for shopping in Cuba, this bazaar displays on its shelves all sorts of creations, which starting from their design, end up in diverse forms, such as cushions, lamps, gift boxes, bags, ornaments, clothing accessories, costume jewelry. Cris-Cris is influenced by a German designer with a talent for the tropical flair who offers lingerie and swim suits. For the end we will take you to Clandestina, one of our major design store, very famous, and actually very good. This is the ideal store to carry something that reminds you of Cuba and, at the same time, is something original and high quality: a pullover with some original poster, a print, or the very experience of being at Clandestine and feel part of this project.