Rox 950 Workshop
Rox 950 Workshop
Rox 950 Workshop
Roxana Vargas

Silver and Gold and more at the Rox

A magician of a goldsmith, Rosana Vargas creates a druid fusion which waxes of suggestive elegance. Come with cubashoppingtours on a magical and mysterious adventure see this master in creative process and mingle with regular Cuban shoppers along the way.

States of mind derive dipositions in the form of serial collections each different than the last as this creative fine craftsperson delivers essential geometry with different mixes of silver, pearls and unique Cuban coral. She names the designs providing the viewer with a hint: Between Two, Seducción, Open Doors, Plata and Cama (silver and bed), Habanos ROX, Always my Azul (blue), In Search of the Sun, Making Caminos (paths) among many other collections.

Rosana Vargas is thoughtful of details often forgotten by other jewelry makers. Even in her masculine line of jewelry, Collecition Alberto, not a nuance is missed.

Magic happens from scratch as the fine artisan prepares stones and material and with skilled hands creates masterpieces. On close inspection you will see this mastery.